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The MD-26 “Mega Truck”

As Caustic Creations and Gears and Circuits continue to grow so does the amount of gear we haul around.   The pickup truck just isn’t up to hauling the volume of arena, robots, and machine tools we have.  Time to hit craigslist!

The search began with trailers, then moved on to larger pickup trucks.  A realization was made that big things are expensive.  In my contemplation of my life choices I began looking under commercial trucks to see just how expensive things get.  As I expected, 10’s of thousands of dollars will get you a thoroughly used rental moving truck.  But wait… what’s this?

Box truck, 24′ long, priced to sell.

You have my attention.

It has a Cummins 5.9L, a 6 speed manual transmission, and a 2000lb capacity lift gate.   I fully assume something is wrong with the truck so I tried to do my homework and see what’s up with it.  Sure enough, this truck is rare.  It’s a Bering MD-26 “Mega Truck”.  If you don’t know what that is, neither do most parts stores, or Hyundai.  The truck was a combination of Hyundai and the Bering Truck corporation in an attempt to break into the North American market.   It was made for less than a year, lawsuits happened, and the company died.  Sure, why not.  I mean, they make tons of these in Asia, there must be parts.

I contacted the seller with a “priced to sell” offer.   2 days and likely too much money later, I own either 7 tons of scrap metal or a partially functioning truck.

Now I see why they put the profile shot on the ad… It’s not pretty by any means and it’s also only 20′ long.   But hey, it was cheaper than a trailer.  Driving it away was the most exciting part of that interaction.  It had been a few months since driving a manual transmission, a few years since driving anything longer than 10′, and of course let’s to this during rush hour, in the evening, and take it on a major highway.

Let’s see if I made yet another poor life decision.